BM Smith Gives Back
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BM Smith Gives Back

BM Smith is partnering with local non-profit organizations here in South Arlington, particularly focused around Columbia Pike, to provide manpower, in-kind donations, and fundraising for programs focused on helping to support and uplift the people we share the neighborhood with every day.

Residents will enjoy regular opportunities to support a greater purpose in the neighborhood, building their own lasting community beyond the four walls of home. Our residents can expect monthly invitations to connect with local non-profits and become involved in the way that best suits their personal interests.


“I am motivated by the fact that I can help someone be happy. I feel better when I see how people are thankful for what I did.” – Carlos M., Engineer

Carlos loves to help people fix things around the house, such as appliances.

“Just knowing that I am in a position to help is what motivates me and that my contributions can bring about change. I feel great [when I volunteer].” –DeJuan G., Assistant Property Manager

DeJuan has a passion for helping children or those with Autism/learning disabilities. 

“The best part is I almost always learn something about someone that actually makes me realize how alike we are.” –Judy R., Accounting Director

Judy is passionate about the need for affordable housing options in Arlington, and supports VOICE with her time and talents.

“ When I help someone else and I can see how it has helped them, I feel like what I did had a purpose and it’s the best feeling in the world.–Tina V., Property Manager

Tina has a passion for her church, New Life La Plata, and HOPE International.

“When I volunteer my time, I feel a sense of gratitude and it’s always humbling.” Kelsey C., Assistant Property Manager

Kelsey is passionate about any organization helping elderly people, the homeless and children.

“It is very gratifying to give back with my time for any cause because I’ve been blessed to have a serving gift.” –Dee R., Assistant Property Manager

Dee loves to assist Children Cancer Facilities, Victims of Homicide, and Homeless Shelters.

“I’m motivated by the opportunity to give others similar opportunities that made a difference in my life. It’s helped me see different experiences and lifestyles with more insight.” –David M., Operations Coordinator

David really likes “Hungry for Music” where they have a specific goal of empowering through music.