A Little Landscaping At RPC
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A Little Landscaping At RPC

A Little Landscaping At RPC

This past Friday, we stepped out of the office and off the properties again to pay a visit to RPC for some Fall garden cleanup.

The day was overcast and cool, influenced by the far edges of the Hurricane being experienced by our Southern neighbors, but staying dry so we could do outdoor work.

img_0083  img_0085   img_0088

Doug, Scott, Halston, Richard & Chris: Checking out the equipment and getting started


Nelson: Planting tulips — looking forward to being back in the Springtime to see the results of our labor.

img_0094 img_0095

Clark and Chris: Smiling while they work!

img_0097 img_0098 img_0099

Richard, Doug, and Halston: The guys operated as a team to cut this evergreen down to less than half its size, at the request of the RPC staff.

img_0101 img_0103

And of course, we ended the morning with some fun — Scott, Sydney, Chris and Clark team up for an awkward selfie moment!!

img_0105  img_0107

We appreciated the opportunity to work with our friends over at RPC to clean up and provide a refreshed space for the clients to take their outdoor breaks. We hope we helped to provide more hospitable patios and some Spring blooms to look forward to enjoying.

Simon told us he was amazed by the guys’ efficiency and productivity as a team, making a lot of things happen in a short amount of time! I was so proud to say I work with these engineers, porters, and garage attendants, who can so quickly see what needs to be done and just do it. Thanks, guys!