Happy National Coffee Day!
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Happy National Coffee Day!

Happy National Coffee Day!


It’s National Coffee Day!

We had all kinds of fun here at BM Smith today, celebrating National Coffee Day with coffee and donuts at the gates for the Penrose Square residents.


Couldn’t help but think back on all the ways that coffee has been and still is a significant moment in my life:

  1. As a kid, my dad was an early fan of Starbucks Coffee. He loved Sumatra the best. To this day, a pot of Sumatra brewing into a stainless steel carafe still sounds, smells, and tastes like home.
  2. When I got my first real crush, I still thought coffee was gross.
  3. Somehow, some way, I acquired the taste for it. (Sure it had nothing to do with #2, see above…) Cream, no sugar, pretty please!
  4. Throughout college, I worked as a barista at Starbucks, then later at a privately owned local coffee shop in Maryland, where the commercial crabbers would stop by in the morning for some cuppa Joe. Early morning shifts were always my favorite, getting to see the fishermen, construction workers, police officers, college students, and many more as they slogged their way through that Monday to Friday life, jump-starting their engines with just a little cup of coffee.
  5. Is coffee truly the great equalizer?
  6. At one of our properties, the residents can brew single cups of M.E. Swings coffee from a historic, local coffee roaster who got started in the area in the early 1900’s, just like BM Smith — you can visit their roastery in Alexandria and schedule a special tasting for a guaranteed memorable experience!
  7. Right downstairs from my office, we have a Starbucks Coffee. My colleagues and I can be found there during stolen moments of pretty much every work day. No shame in our game! Some of us love their Bistro Boxes, some of us drain cups of coffee dry, others like the occasional Frappuccino. I might be part of the Oprah Cinnamon Chai support group, but I’ll never tell. Any way you take your ‘Bux, it’s a great way to break up the monotony of the day, and today in honor of National Coffee Day, they are spreading the word about Rolando Lopez, and donating $.70 for every bag of coffee sold (that’s the cost of one coffee tree!) in U.S. stores. Learn more here.

However you like to enjoy or celebrate the day, we hope you get a few moments to yourself, or with a loved one, to celebrate today. May it be strong and sweet, and personalized for you!