Finding Affordable Housing in Arlington: Meet APAH
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Finding Affordable Housing in Arlington: Meet APAH

Finding Affordable Housing in Arlington: Meet APAH

One of the longest enduring conversations among Columbia Pike residents is the question of housing affordability. While the conversation can and should continue for years, there are a couple of groups already taking discernible action to respond to a verifiable need. One group is singularly devoted to providing affordable housing options for residents of Arlington, and today we’d like to introduce you to them: APAH, the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing.

As their name indicates, they own, construct, and lease affordable housing in Arlington for residents earning approximately $20,000-$60,000 annually. One of the little-known facts about APAH is that in addition to affordable housing, they offer profoundly needed and well-received community programs to help improve the futures of many Arlington residents.

APAH partners with Arlington County to offer availability for the buildings that they design and construct. APAH housing feels equal in quality to much of the luxury housing product throughout Arlington, and offers a variety of styles, including garden apartments, mid-rise and high-rise. They have just opened a new community, and recently broke ground on another new development project just off of Columbia Pike.

Amidst the flurry of construction, they remain steadily focused on their resident programs. While they provide affordable housing in Arlington to those who need it most, they are also proactively working with the residents to increase their stability and strengthen the future generations within Arlington. APAH is so much more than just housing, and all of Arlington’s residents can benefit by becoming involved in their programs.

While APAH welcomes donations, they are also accepting volunteers! You can click here for volunteer openings! Their website also invites you to fill out a volunteer interest form, so they may keep your contact information on hand and reach out to you when the perfect opportunity arises. You’ll find all manner of beneficial programs utilizes a variety of volunteer talents: everything from child care and literacy initiative to landscaping and throwing picnics. Individuals and groups are encouraged to apply.

BM Smith is excited to partner with APAH in an upcoming Summer Book Party — a night of celebrating Summer and reading with program participants between the ages of 5-12. Email us if you’d like to participate:

Until next time!