Meet the President
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Meet the President

Meet the President

Who wouldn’t want a chance to meet the President?

While we can’t promise you Summertime at Camp David, we can introduce you to our current leader, David Peete, Jr. We’re looking forward to featuring some regular thoughts of his here on the blog. In the end, it’ll probably induce much less controversy than our current political climate, so that’s a plus — you can relax!


Here are some fast facts about David — the resume kind of things:

  • He got himself a formal education, in the shape of a B.A. from Tufts University and an M.P.H. from Yale University.
  • His professional background includes years devoted to developing senior care in our culture. David held a variety of leadership roles within Sunrise Senior Living and Acacia Living.
  • Area of special focus for David have always been knowledge management and organizational development, helping to provide a foundation for both effective operations and delivery of the best service possible.
  • Present day, David is a Partner and President at BM Smith, a property management company localized in Arlington, VA; and he’s a member of the board of both CPRO (Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization) and the Washington Forrest Foundation.

Most importantly, David is a devoted father of 3 teenagers and husband to his wife of 26 years.

Recently, I asked David to play the desert island game to help us get to know him– you know, the game where you imagine you’re stuck on a desert island, and you can only bring a few items with you. Here are his answers (and yes, I let him cheat on the number of items in each category):

You can bring…

Favorite Books: Bible, 1776, Team of Rivals, Wooden on Leadership
Favorite Movies: The Incredibles, Gladiator, Chinatown, Father of the Bride, & Dr. Zhivago
3 Food Items: Mixed nuts, Steak, Blueberries, Oreos
An iPod with only one genre of music on it: Country Music
3 Personal Items: Photo Album, Paper, Pen
3 Survival Items: Matches, warm clothing, gigantic jug of water
1 Person (can be a celebrity, someone dead or alive, someone you know, etc.): My Wife

Finally, here’s what our employees have to say about David Peete as their supervisor, offering up defining words and phrases:



“[…] he cares A TON about his staff, and shows that he is genuinely concerned. He can be enthusiastic, has a good sense of humor, and is interested in learning more about each person’s passions. I would also say that he has a very calm and respectful way of responding to complaints and/or objections […], and I think that that sets a really strong example to the entire team.”

“David’s main goal is synergistic success — he wants people, business, and community to thrive together as one. This is the kind of vision that keeps me happy and challenged at work daily.”