When Breaking Records Means Surviving, Rather than Celebrating
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When Breaking Records Means Surviving, Rather than Celebrating

When Breaking Records Means Surviving, Rather than Celebrating

No doubt you have noticed the social media posts, heard the comments from the local news broadcaster, or read the headlines – the DMV is utterly soaked with rain, and the consecutive days of downpour are now breaking records.

Rain has fallen for 15 days and counting, breaking the previous records (10 days) for consecutive rainfall, set in 1938 and 1873 – that’s a long time ago! (source)

Speaking of a long time ago, ABC 7 News has even taking to joking on their Facebook page that at Day 15 of rain, the Ark is nearly complete

Here at BM Smith, we’re all going a little crazy, too. I decided to check in with my colleagues to see how everyone is dealing with it and make sure they’ll survive until the sun comes out again (assuming it does).

My colleague, Lauren H., applies Pharrell’s “Happy” liberally within her workspace, and otherwise has been surviving by writing a little free verse:

“I need it, I want it
It brightens my soul
It puts a pep in my step
Its beauty enlivens me
The sun”

Here’s the view from our office:



Neil cheers us all up by wearing his bright yellow raincoat with a smile and solving problems like a superhero everywhere he goes.

While David thinks “that even the every-day activities people go to get away, such as local restaurants… people tend to not to do when it is raining outside,” I have to say that my solution for all problems (rain, sleep loss, etc.) tends to be a visit to the Starbucks downstairs from my office on Columbia Pike. To be perfectly honest, everyone knows I’m always happy for an excuse to refill that cup.

Just one little suggestion for cheering us through the rainy season – check out Meghan Trainor and John Legend in this video. The setting will seem familiar, and the song will help you remember to focus on the important blessings in life while waiting for the sun to come out again (and yeah, we’ll never take that sun for granted again).